"Black Night"

Warm breeze

February night

Mellow day

Unclear thoughts

Pause on the stoop

For food and focus

Slight sheer of hopelessness

Rushed throughout

Suddenly something across the street caught the corner of my eye

But nobody’s there

Looked down at my phone

Caught it yet again

Then I saw what it was

Big black garbage bags all lined up & stacked on the side of the street

Some of the bags which have space above the knots are dancing when the wind blows

Calm at one point

Then flowing where and when the wind hits it

Not all of them, just the ones open and facing upright

Something so unappreciated, so abandoned, yet so carefree and beautiful

May we all be so lucky like the open garbage bags that effortlessly dance upon the touch of the wind.

April 21, 2017

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